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CT banks’ profits up 122% over last year

Meanwhile, full-time employment at the state's 32 banks has continued to decline.

Majority of Fairfield County-based banks eke out Q2 capital increases

But it's anyone's guess what Q3 might bring.

Banks’ message to small businesses, individuals: ‘We’re there for you’

“We’re constantly discussing options for our customers in the face of hardship,” says Patriot Bank President Richard Muskus Jr. “We will do what we can as an organization to help them – the bank is not going to abandon them.”

Washington banks on community banks

While Westchester and Fairfield are not far from Wall Street and the international banking behemoths that help the world’s economy grow, the counties are...

David W. Lewing says KeyBank is very bullish on lending

The bank is lending across all segments and tends to be very active in chemicals, food, health care and business service companies, Lewing said.

Fairfield County leads state in bank deposits

$47.8 billion in deposits were spread among 29 FDIC-insured banks in the third quarter.

FDIC publishes mortgage lending guide for bankers

The second part of the FDIC's three-part Affordable Mortgage Lending Guide focuses on state housing finance agencies.

The Community’s Bank shutters

Bridgeport-centric bank is closed by regulators.

Region passes federal lending exam

Feds target practice known as 'redlining.'

Commerce and crime on the computer

A pair of conferences will update businesses on outreach and outright theft.

High-tech replaces tellers as banks see shifting demand

The banking industry is at a crossroads as interactive ATMs, mobile deposits and other technologies threaten to supplant tellers and branches.

FDIC approves Apple Bank’s bid to acquire Emigrant Savings Bank branches

The FDIC and New York Department of Financial Services have approved Apple Bank's acquisition of 29 Emigrant Savings Bank branches.

FDIC reveals new study on community banking industry

In a new data-driven study on the community banking industry, the FDIC has formed a new universal definition of a community bank.

Banks brace for impact as TAG program ends

The Senate voted to allow the TAG program to lapse at the end of the year, which has been guaranteeing insurance for noninterest-bearing bank accounts over $250,000 since the financial collapse of 2008.

ICBA promotes financial education program for small businesses

The Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA) has signed an agreement with the FDIC to actively promote its Money Smart financial education program for small businesses.