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Andi Gray: Special rules for family?

Everyone in the family should report to someone. Figure out who your sister’s position logically reports to.

Succession planning is the key to the survival of a family...

In our third and final installment on labor, employment and benefits law issues unique to family businesses we discuss the importance of succession planning. A...

Unique labor and employment law issues facing family businesses

In this second installment of our discussion regarding unique labor and employment law issues family businesses face, we focus on family businesses when they...

Labor and employment law tips for a family business opening its...

Family businesses make up the fabric of the U.S. economy. From a labor and employment law perspective, family businesses face a unique set of challenges and considerations.

Robert F. Polito Jr.: Avoiding succession pitfalls in the family business

An objective team, including your attorney, CPA and banker, can help you successfully plan for the next chapter in your business’ life.

CEO Q&A: Stew Leonard Jr. at Stew Leonard’s

With six grocery stores and a seventh on the way, Stew Leonard Jr. continues to run his family-owned business by keeping customers and employees satisfied. Q&A-style interview with the local grocer.

Westcott Cove Wine & Spirits opens Fairfield location

The new store at 1490 Post Road is the second location for the family-owned and -operated Stamford retailer.

Column: Keeping the business in the family

When it comes to figuring out what’s best for the family and the business, start with understanding the needs of both the family and the business.

Column: Family businesses need succession plan

Want your family business to go on with the next generation? Start planning the transition now.

Racanelli’s New York Italian opens after $1.2M renovation

The former Pizza & Brew restaurant, a 40-year staple of Central Park Avenue in Greenburgh, reopened its doors earlier this year after a million-dollar makeover.