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No rush by insurers to state’s employer health plan exchange

The state’s health benefit exchange has a new name and 25 medical and dental insurers signed on for its Jan. 1 opening.

Business Council goes 1-on-1 with health insurance advice

Westchester's largest business group will help owners navigate the new state health benefits exchange.

Editorial: Promises made, but work remains

Kevin Counihan, CEO of Connecticut’s health insurance exchange, has set the bar high. Let’s see if he and his staff can deliver

Health plan chief sees opportunity in new alliance

Hudson Health Plan positions itself to better compete in the state’s new health insurance marketplace

HIX honcho: ‘We’re going to be making mistakes’

As Connecticut hired Deloitte to build a health insurance exchange, an official warned of “a bumpy road” to October 2013.

Deloitte wins Conn. HIX deal

Connecticut hired Deloitte Consulting to design its health insurance exchange.

Budget muddled for health exchange

Planners worry about designing a health insurance exchange with no clear idea of future revenue

Navigators need work

The former CEO of ConnectiCare and others have criticized the initial vision for health care “navigators” in Connecticut.

Connecticut inches closer to health reform

A public policy group maintained its C-plus grade on Connecticut’s efforts to implement the Affordable Care Act, but said real progress is being made.

Conn. names health insurance exchange CEO

The CEO of Connecticut’s planned health insurance exchange previously marketed Massachusetts’ landmark health reform plans.

Xerox touts health exchange

Less than two years before state health exchanges must be operational, Xerox is touting a system.