Friday, September 30, 2022
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Broker sues Estate Motors for $2.5M arbitration award

An arbitrator ruled mostly in favor of United Galaxy Associates, but he also found that the broker’s conduct in renegotiating fees “shocking to the conscious.”

North State Custom and Goldens Bridge Mercedes trade new accusations

If asked about their dispute, both companies agreed, they would respond that they had resolved their differences.

Family feuds in estate fight over Estate Motors

Father, son and stepmother battled for control of the Mercedes-Benz dealership in an estate planning process.

Bedford Hills repair shop says Mercedes dealer demanded kickbacks

Dealer representatives allegedly asked how much North State Custom was willing to pay to continue as a sponsored Mercedes repair shop.

NJ luxury car dealer buys Estate Motors

"Clearly it is one of the greatest locations in the tristate area," new owner Tom Maoli said.

Cars don’t stop for dealership dispute

Even if the dealership ultimately loses its case, Mercedes and Estate would make sure customers get their cars.

Mercedes’ demands drive Goldens Bridge dealer to federal court

The dispute goes to the heart of who controls an automobile dealership.