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UConn Stamford hearing targets dredge material

State maintains option to dump at sea.

Indian Point’s owner stands to benefit from new EPA rule

A new EPA rule that seeks to reduce pollution by 2030 will likely benefit nuclear-power generating companies such as Entergy Corp.

Column: Carbon standards can catalyze economic growth

A Miller/Howard Investments executive says proposed EPA rules on emissions are needed to spur innovation and investment in clean energy.

State advances in reducing toxins

Federal data find poisonous releases are trending down.

Old rail line could spur a Yonkers resurgence

City officials and partners want to revitalize a Yonkers neighborhood around a pedestrian trail built along a former railroad right of way.

Obama’s second term could see tightening of regulations for energy, environment

A discussion was held in Tarrytown on possible energy regulations in Obama’s second term.

EPA starts Swamp Road cleanup

EPA began work to remove contaminated materials from the Batchelder site on Swamp Road in Newtown.

Laurels for Landis Group

BOMA International’s southern Connecticut chapter bestowed its building of the year award on 400 Atlantic St. in Stamford.

BOMA champions Stamford office

BOMA International’s southern Connecticut chapter bestowed its “building of the year” award on Landis Group’s 400 Atlantic St. in Stamford.

GE ranks third on air pollution index

(Updated) UMass researchers ranked GE third on a list of the worst air polluters in the country.

CBIA set for energy conference

CBIA scheduled its annual energy and environment conference for June 6 in Waterbury.

Withering on the vine?

Malkin Properties is among the few local landlords that has sought the Energy Star label over an extended period.

In the field

Connecticut extracted merger concessions from Northeast Utilities, and other news affecting Fairfield County businesses.

Gold coastal property

A Pitney Bowes plant off I-84 was put up for sale, and other real estate news in Fairfield County.

Q & A with Sally Odland

An energy expert answers burning 10 questions