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NRC approves transfer of Indian Point licenses for decommissioning

The license transfer will not be finalized until after Unit 3’s permanent shutdown.

Indian Point reactor to be shut down permanently

The nuclear reactor that is Indian Point Unit 2 will be shut down for the final time April 30 as part of the plan...

Victoria Leung: Riverkeeper opposes using Holtec to decommission Indian Point

Entering 2020, Riverkeeper remains dedicated to protecting the Hudson River and the health and safety of the surrounding communities. We are building on our decades...

Holtec International to buy Indian Point post-shutdown for decommissioning

Entergy spokesman Jerry Nappi said, “We are not disclosing the purchase price, as it is business-sensitive info at this time.”

Astorino drops Indian Point lawsuits

A spokesman said the county executive "felt it was inappropriate" to continue the legal challenge "given the change of administrations.”

Indian Point Unit 2 reactor shut down to repair river water...

Indian Point Energy Center's Unit 2 reactor was shut down Friday morning to complete weld repairs to a pipe that was leaking river water...

Indian Point owner to federal court: have state back off

Entergy in a federal lawsuit wants New York state's objection to the relicensing of Indian Point nuclear reactors to be withdrawn.

Unit 3 back online, Cuomo deploys PSC to Indian Point to...

Workers removed electrical insulators from transmission lines and will inspect them for a possible cause to the electrical fault that shut down Unit 3.

Indian Point’s Unit 2 reactor shut down for three days after...

The loss in power caused about 10 rods to descend, as designed, into the nuclear fuel core of the reactor.

No strike at Indian Point as labor deal reached

Union leaders and management at Indian Point Energy Center in Buchanan reached a tentative contract agreement Saturday morning.

Indian Point’s Unit 3 reactivated

After the lowering of a water level inside one of Indian Point's steam generators caused Unit 3 to shut down Monday, the reactor is back on.

Schumer: Indian Point needs 24-hour boat patrol

A line of buoys is the only around-the-clock protection from waterborne attack, senator says.

Entergy faces further delays in relicensing

Entergy Corp. will face delays in completing its safety evaluation report related to relicensing two power plants at Buchanan's Indian Point Energy Center.

Entergy to slash 75 jobs at Indian Point

a companywide cost-cutting will eliminate about 800 jobs from Entergy's 15,000-employee workforce

Comptroller fails to sway Entergy on nuclear storage

Effort by comptroller to force Entergy to store its nuclear assemblies differently fails shareholder test.