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Pair of Fairfeld County state senators introduce highway tolls bill

The bill seeks to “construct, maintain and operate electronic tolling systems on Interstate Route 84, Interstate Route 91, Interstate Route 95 and portions of Connecticut Route 15.”

Lamont’s new transportation plan: Fewer tolls, federal loans

While the governor had proposed tolls on four major highways involving about 50 gantries, his new plan reportedly calls for tolls involving 16 to 18 bridges.

No Tolls CT buys billboards to protest highway tolls plan

“Tell Your Legislators! Vote for Tolls, Lose at the Polls," the billboards on interstates 84, 91 and 95 implore.

Lamont tries again on tolls, dangling tax credit for low-income residents

The governor has also proposed widening I-95 west of New Haven to reduce congestion, which he said would cut commuting time to New York by as much as 22 minutes.

Connecticut Council of Municipalities’ Joe DeLong: Pensions, schools, tolls top concerns

The Connecticut Council of Municipalities doesn't think the forced regionalization of schools idea "accomplishes a whole lot of anything. It’s not a ‘one size fits all’ thing.”

Lamont, Stamford officials detail replacement of Route 1 bridge

“If we don’t take care of this bridge … surely that bridge collapses," said Stamford Mayor David Martin.

Proposed Connecticut Infrastructure Bank could unlock ‘billions, if not trillions’ of...

The bank would “finance a loan program with funds appropriated from the Special Transportation Fund or other sources of revenue designated for infrastructure improvements.

Lamont’s budget: No income tax increase, but tolls and expansion of...

Lamont’s budget has two tolling scenarios – truck-only and cars and trucks. The governor estimates that out-of-state drivers could provide over 40 percent of the state’s tolling revenue.

State Sen. Tony Hwang: Legislature must deal with ‘hard decisions’ this...

“I’m open to every discussion – I’m not a pure ‘no’" on electronic tolls, as are some of his high-profile Republican colleagues, the Transportation Committee member says.

Lamont advisory panel recommends tolls for all vehicles using CT highways

“These ideas look like Dan Malloy 2.0 and then some,” remarked Senate Republican President Pro Tempore Len Fasano, a fierce opponent of tolls.

Fiscal Stability Commission delivers ‘Report 2.0’ to fix CT economy

Among the new recommendations: lowering the state’s deficit by at least $1 billion and installing electronic tolls on major highways.

Bob Stefanowski: The Business Journal Interview

The Republican gubernatorial candidate talks about his plan to eliminate the income tax, increasing the state’s reliance on the private sector to help Connecticut’s economy, and why he’s opposed to highway tolls.

Malloy proposes $10 million highway tolls study

"Gov. Malloy needs to get on his horse, ride into the sunset and leave taxpayers alone,” remarked Senate Republican President Pro Tempore Len Fasano.

Aresimowicz: Tolls bill could come up for House vote next week

Even if a bill is ultimately signed into law, an electronic toll system would likely not become a reality on Connecticut highways until 2021 at the earliest.

Electronic tolls bill narrowly gets committee approval

Proponents claim an electronic toll system could bring the state as much as $600 million per year in revenue.