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Senior housing sector remains strong

One developer can’t keep up with demand for affordable senior housing.

Senior housing project scrapped

Elant Inc. terminates senior condo project in Goshen.

Elant names new chief

Todd Whitney, Elant’s chief financial officer for 25 years, is now leading the senior health care agency as its CEO.

Q&A guide for seniors

A free legal and planning guide for senior citizens is available online.

The Gordian knot

Caring for someone with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia may be as daunting as the condition itself.

County nursing homes in the lurch

Facilities grapple with issues, but remain a big part of late-life equation.

Home care gains traction

Legislators in Connecticut are making it easier for seniors to stay in the homes.

Changing concept of community

A call to reinvent communities so seniors can remain at home.

Elant restructures; removes CEO

Senior health care provider Elant is restructuring its network of facilities and services.

Gray marketing catches on

Business owners share tips on how to market to seniors.

Gilberg to the rescue

Loren Gilberg is a geriatric care manager with many clients.

Support gains for ‘senior-friendly’ neighborhoods

New York state ramps up efforts to support “senior-friendly” neighborhoods.

WLS helps seniors navigate Medicare

The Westchester Library System has volunteers ready to explain Medicare to seniors.

Old heart wiring warrants attention

A laser procedure utilizes a thin, flexible wire to remove leads where infection festers.

Caregivers need care, too

Help is available for caregivers through NY CONNECTS and local Offices for the Aging.