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Column: Elder care emerging as workplace issue

As baby boomers age, work/life balance takes on new meaning, with important implications for business.

Taking precautions to protect the elderly

Here in Westchester County and throughout New York state, elder abuse is growing each year. But statistics alone can’t capture the heart-wrenching situations that estate and guardianship litigators see every day.

A new workplace “epidemic”

Alzheimer’s and other “aging” diseases will make caregivers out of nearly half of America’s working population by 2015.

Affordable aging in Yonkers

Vacant property filled by affordable, full-service, assisted-living center.

New health care partnership

Elant, Inc. and Birchez Associates team up for seniors.

The Peter Pan phenomena: Baby boomers

Boomers grow up – but “old?” –never.

Dementia unit seeks holistic approach

Greenwich Woods encourages dancing, singing and strolling.

Eldercare in brief

County’s nursing home rates heading up

Home care is growing fast

Alan Brown is finding a growth market and necessary niche in home care giving needs in Fairfield County.

Assisted living gets a boost

Policymakers and entrepreneurs are examining ways to improve access to assisted-living communities.

Staying connected

Often ignored throughout life, the arts are playing an increasingly important role at the end in the treatment of dementia patients.

Woodland Pond staves off recession

The recession might be biting sales,  but Woodland Pond at New Paltz is two-thirds filled after year in operation.

Market rate housing for 55-plus

Highland apartment complex offers upscale rentals for baby boomers.

Grant aids caregiver coaching

A nonprofit agency’s grant will help a caregiver coaching program add staff.

Moving on

Making the transition to senior housing takes planning, money