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Connecticut fiscal stability commission chiefs call for tough love strategies

James C. Smith and Robert Patricelli, co-chairmen of the Commission on Fiscal Stability and Economic Growth, outlined the challenges and possible solutions facing Connecticut's economy.

Ganim highlights Bridgeport economy in context of statewide picture

Mayor Joe Ganim addressed the Bridgeport Chamber of Commerce in a speech that mixed praise for the private sector with broad hints of themes for his bid to become Connecticut's next governor.

Sacred Heart University’s president leads change, but maintains school’s core...

“We are a Catholic institution deeply rooted in those traditions, but we don’t proselytize,” Sacred Heart University President John J. Petillo said.

Pitney Bowes’ chief calls for federal tax code overhaul

Marc Lautenbach added that the Connecticut state government should work in conjunction with federal efforts to improve the local economy.

HCC’s Paul Broadie II encourages student and business community synergy

The college president noted that funding is his most significant challenge, adding that “if we had more funding, we’d have even more of an impact.”

Malloy: GOP health care bill could cost Conn. $2.9B

The GOP health care bill would also imperil the coverage of tens of thousands of Connecticut residents, the governor says.

Malloy to EPA: Delayed ozone standards hurts Connecticut economy

“The cost of removing additional pollution in Connecticut, where we already have stringent requirements in place, is estimated at $10,000 to $40,000 per ton,” Malloy wrote.

Sen. Chris Murphy to Dems: Less Putin, more economic talk

The senator tells Democrats: Spend less time focused on a possible Donald Trump-Russian connection and a lot more time focused on the economy.

Disrupted: The future of the Hudson Valley economy

In this future, science fiction is science fact, as disruptive technologies are changing and enhancing, but not destroying, the fabric of daily life.

With rising risk, flood insurance looms large in region’s housing market

On the Long Island Sound shore in Fairfield and Westchester countries, some property owners in the luxury homes market face a challenge in the wake of Sandy’s damage.

CT not likely to follow NY with free public college tuition...

Connecticut business and political leaders discuss the pros and cons of the state doing as New York did this month and offering free tuition for eligible students at public colleges and universities.

Business leaders approve Malloy plan for insurance industry tax cut

Proposal drops the insurance premium tax rate from 1.75 percent to 1.5 percent.

Small businesses view next six months with optimism, M&T Bank survey...

Fifty-four percent of businesses plan to increase employees’ wages by 2 percent or mores over the period, according to the M&T Bank survey.

Westchester region fourth-best in state for job growth in January

The Westchester-Rockland-Orange county region added 11,900 private sector jobs from January 2015 to January 2016.

Business aviation chief sees rough weather ahead

“I really do love the smell of jet fuel in the morning,” Westchester County Executive Robert P. Astorino proclaimed when welcoming visitors to the recent regional forum of the National Business Aviation Association in a flight service hangar at the county airport.