Sunday, December 4, 2022
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Norwegian Air pulling out of Stewart International Airport

When Norwegian introduced the overseas service at Stewart, it offered low-cost fares, with some one-way fares under $100.

Norwegian Air to double flights between Stewart Airport and Dublin

Norwegian will advertise one-day shopping trips that shuttle fliers from Dublin to the Woodbury Common outlets, then back for an evening flight home.

5 nations will drive future of industrial gases

Danbury's Praxair is a data source for study.

Recruit acquires Indeed.com

Japan giant Recruit Co. Ltd. acquired Indeed.com.

Report: Sikorsky gets Milestone contract

Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. is selling 19 S-92 helicopters to Milestone Aviation Group.

Indeed.com expands in Texas

Indeed.com plans to hire 90 people or more in Austin, Texas.

Stamford firm may go public

Since its 2004 launch, Indeed Inc. has helped people near and far find jobs. In the process, it has become a significant employer in its...