Sunday, November 27, 2022
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Talking with the taxman: How longtime Danbury Mayor Boughton is reinventing...

The state's new tax amnesty program – which ends on Jan. 31 – “represents a significant opportunity to collect revenue,” Mark Boughton said, estimating that the state could retrieve some $40 million in unpaid taxes.

CT Democrats, GOP want redo on controversial grocery tax

The affected items range from ice pops, doughnuts and bagels to pizza slices, beer, fruit juices, and coffee and tea if already prepared for drinking.

Economic incentives to get web airing

Greater transparency regarding pro-growth strategies is promised.

Tax amnesty round collects $185M

10,000 pay back taxes through state program.

Public-private partnership reaps rewards

BlumShapiro and the state streamline tax registration process.

Scholastic on the hook for book taxes

The U.S. Supreme Court let stand a decision requiring Scholastic to collect Connecticut sales taxes from its school book club sales.

From PowerPoint to policy

A task force determined that Connecticut taxes similar businesses “inequitably” on the basis of their corporate structure, and recommended major changes.

Panel readies report on business tax

On Sept. 27, a panel releases its final report that could have major implications for how Connecticut taxes businesses.

For $250 – come get me

Connecticut’s tax chief says half of Connecticut’s small businesses don’t ante up on the business-entity tax – and the state should jettison it.

Sales tax holiday on deck

Connecticut’s annual sales-tax “holiday” kicks off Sunday, Aug. 19.

Connecticut tax levies seesaw

A new study showed an increase in business tax collections.

Circumspection on sales taxes

If a complicated sales-tax law is discouraging business investment in Connecticut, you would not know it from, sales-tax collections. A year after imposing a higher...

Taking sales taxes to task

As part of an overarching examination of Connecticut’s business tax structure, sales taxes may be the initial priority in a report due this September,...

Cart before the horse?

In contemplating an overhaul of business taxes, Connecticut risks antagonizing corporations that have staked their operations to varying incentives.

Amid crackdown, a warning

As DOL continues a crackdown on worker misclassification, a home health care company warns the push could “blow up” its business model.