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DOL: Contractors can blow the whistle

The U.S. Department of Labor ruled that independent contractors can receive whistleblower protection and benefits.

How do you collar the Hydra?

In May, exhibits A and B suggest we’ll never master that instinct to irrational exuberance.

Opinions split on real estate bill

Appraisers and real estate agents are on opposite sides of the aisle on a bill that would authorize “price opinions” in Connecticut.

Jepsen’s focus turns to investors

Following February’s $25 billion mortgage settlement, Connecticut Attorney General George Jepsen is going after the credit rating agencies.

Finance points

The SEC is changing hedge fund investor rules.

In brief

News and notes from around Fairfield County.

Under Dodd-Frank, state picks up oversight

More investment advisers are coming under the jurisdiction of the Connecticut Department of Banking.

In brief

Business news and notes from around Fairfield County.