Sunday, September 25, 2022
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Ridgefield’s Prospector Theater puts emphasis on hiring the disabled

"We strive to be a vibrant and integrated workforce, where people with disabilities work alongside people without disabilities," said the Prospector's Mike “Munchie” Santini.

Disability Solutions recruits, trains companies to hire disabled Americans

“I’ll get calls sometimes about what kinds of jobs can a person with a disability do,” said Kristine Foss. “It’s not necessarily a bad question."

Couple starts disability home modification company

Life has its challenges. But in the face of adversity, entrepreneur Alison Jacobson says it’s all in what you make of it.

Students bring ‘business brains’ to a musician’s startup

Business students at Mercy College are developing a business strategy and test markets for an inventive violinist and his robotics music company.

Workshop thriving with disabled workers

In Poughkeepsie, a hand up is all it takes