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Lamont outlines rules for beaches, parks; Still unhappy over casinos’ defiance

Either potential casino patrons will not arrive due to safety fears, or they will show up and spread infections, the governor predicted. “It’s too early right now,” he said about the casinos' plan to reopen on June 1.

New report calls for mitigation fund to offset potential wind power...

The report also warns of potential impact to marine animals in the turbine development areas.

Fairfield, New Canaan receive open space grants from state

The grants are part of a program that assists local governments and land trusts in purchasing open space to ensure that the property is protected for public use.

Mattress recycling program saves $1.5 million in disposal costs

The initiative is intended to help Connecticut reach its goal to divert 60 percent of materials from disposal by 2024.

First Niagara Bank finances $3.8 million loan for natural gas microgrid...

The microgrid is designed to provide continuous power to critical public facilities in the event of a major power failure.

DEEP recognizes green businesses in Connecticut

The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection recognizes 16 businesses and individuals for their efforts to protect the environment.

More funding announced for electric car charging stations

Norwalk Community College takes part in a state effort to increase the amount of electric vehicles on the road.

Column: Quest is on for remediation ‘best practices’

A new report will be taken into account as Connecticut formulates the next steps in an initiative to transform its approach to remediating contaminated sites.

Connecticut ups effort to cull Canada geese

An extended hunting season targets those that no longer migrate.

Connecticut seeks to stem zebra mussel invasion

The state issues an alert that the bivalve species, which wreaks economic havoc where it establishes itself, is in Connecticut.

Westport park slated for $3.1M overhaul

Sherwood Island State Park's 53-year-old pavilion will be upgraded; the park is home to Connecticut's 9/11 memorial.

Connecticut duck stamp contest winner chosen

The national stamp program to date has raised $1.2 million toward the restoration of 3,500 acres of duck-friendly wetlands in the U.S.

New energy, environment commissioner named

Robert Klee to assume Daniel Etsy's position.

Conn. to double electric car charging stations

The state plans to more than double its 81 electric-vehicle charging stations by the end of the year.

Utilities, natural gas providers prepare for higher demand

Connecticut gas companies are gearing up for the state’s new comprehensive energy strategy, which includes a major increase in natural gas in place of petroleum-based oil.