Monday, October 3, 2022
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Inflation’s burden creates a new wave of financial anxiety

In a J.D. Power survey, 70% of respondents said prices have been increasing faster than their incomes.

Federal Reserve finds small businesses in prolonged crisis

A report today by the 12 U.S. Federal Reserve Banks paints a grim picture of the status of small businesses in the U.S. as...

Norman G. Grill: Paying off debt the smart way

With today’s economic uncertainty, being debt-free is a worthwhile goal.

Survey finds most parents with young children took on new debt...

The survey found 36% of parents used their child's college fund to help cover expenses due to the new financial strain.

NY State Attorney General James extends debt collection relief

People and businesses named in more than 165,000 debt collection matters that were being pursued by the New York State Office of the Attorney...

Some Westchester and Fairfield towns do well on easily paying off...

Scarsdale and Bronxville, along with Westport, Connecticut,  rank fairly high on a list of communities in which residents are having a comparatively easy time...

Study ranks CT second for highest average credit card balance in...

Notably, the new study observed that credit card users in high-income states also "tend to have a greater ability to pay off their credit cards overall."

Lack of state budget could put CT municipalities in financial bind,...

Within Fairfield County, Bridgeport, Shelton and Stratford are the localities under consideration for ratings downgrades.

ABCs of IOUs

Blumenthal targets student loan burden

Purchase lender sees growth in seafood

An investor in private debt and equity lends to a growing Midwest seafood business.

Student loan burden soars

Only mortgage debt is greater nationally than loans for school.

Median debt load increases by $20K

The median household debt increased 37 percent from 2000 to 2011, according to a new U.S. Census report.

Mortgage relief continues at high rate

Distressed Connecticut homeowners have received twice as much mortgage relief as anticipated from the $25 billion national mortgage foreclosure settlement.

U.S. consumer behavior reflects debt consciousness

MasterCard has tracked the evolution of consumer behavior since the debt crisis and has identified changes in spending.