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India’s central bank lifts restrictions on Mastercard

The restrictions were imposed in July 2021.

Mastercard unveils cards designed to aid blind and visually impaired consumers

Mastercard's new Touch Card offers an accessible card standard for blind and visually impaired consumers via tactile card features.

New vulnerability in Mastercard contactless cards enables bypassing of PIN codes

The defect also impacts Mastercard's Maestro-branded cards.

Mastercard to phase out magnetic stripes on its cards

By 2033, the magnetic stripes will be absent from all Mastercard-issued cards.

Mastercard banned from new card issuances in India

Mastercard accounts for 33% of all card payments in India.

American Bankers Association cites value for businesses in accepting credit cards

The study found that consumers with high subprime to low prime risk scores hold more credit cards than do people in different risk categories.

Union Savings Bank joins the contactless debit card bandwagon

According to Grandview Research, global contactless-payment transactions were worth $1.06 trillion in 2019 and were predicted – before the pandemic, at any rate – to reach $1.32 trillion this year.

Mastercard extends principal membership to cryptocurrency platform Wirex

Wirex plans to expand into issuing corporate cards to its business clients.

U.S. consumer behavior reflects debt consciousness

MasterCard has tracked the evolution of consumer behavior since the debt crisis and has identified changes in spending.