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Primark sets opening date for Danbury outlet

The company is hiring now for its Danbury Fair Mall location, which will open on June 10.

Low prices, big gamble: Irish clothier Primark coming to Danbury

The discount retailer faced a labor dispute in Boston.

Danbury Fair balances tech and holiday tradition

Everybody is texting and now that ultimate traditionalist Santa — or at least his concierge — is doing it, too.

Danbury Fair Mall augments Internet with brick and mortar

A mall official says she sees technology not as a way to bypass stores but to hone and improve the in-mall shopping experience.

Danbury Fair Mall to be powered by fuel cell

California company Bloom Energy will provide energy with an electrochemical process.

Hulk display opens LEGO Store

The new, 2,815-square-foot LEGO Store at Danbury Fair Mall is the first LEGO Connecticut location to open.

Lee Farm Corporate Park sells for $16.9 million

The Lee Farm Corporate Park across from the Danbury Fair Mall and airport sold earlier this month for $16.9 million, nearly half as much has it was sold for in 2007.

L.L. Bean coming to Danbury Fair Mall

L.L. Bean will be opening a new store at the Danbury Fair Mall July 13.