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After run of acquisitions, People’s United focuses on organic growth, tech

Looking ahead, bank President Jeff Tengel reiterated that technology remains a key challenge, both for People’s and the banking industry in general.

Xerox receives patent for blockchain-based data revision system

Xerox stated the technology will "allow record owners to recover work that may have been altered or destroyed from more traditional control systems."

Datto report details spike in ransomware attacks

Datto found 85 percent of ransomware victims had antivirus software installed and 65 percent had email/spam filters installed.

David DeMilia: Cybersecurity protections for banking and finances

To be most effective, financial cybersecurity – that is, the protection of money accounts against digital invaders – requires a multipronged approach.

Marist College opens cybersecurity operations center for new program

The center, which opened Sept. 28 and is in the Hancock Center building, features a number of IBM’s cybersecurity technologies.

Norwalk cybersecurity firm TruOps gets funding for expansion, jobs

The funding comes from Austin, Texas-based Petros Connecticut Fund I, an $18 million investment fund focused on supporting the growth of Connecticut businesses.

CT ramping up cybersecurity efforts ahead of election – but will...

“Connecticut is really in very good shape” when it comes to averting cyberattacks, according to Secretary of the State Denise Merrill. However, she added, "There’s no such thing as an utterly safe system."

State cybersecurity report finds utility efforts adequate, but continued diligence needed

“Cybersecurity threats continue to grow across the United States, for everyone," noted Gov. Dannel Malloy.

SHU to offer undergraduate degree program in cybersecurity

“The program will focus on hands-on learning, with the help of traditional, lecture-based teaching,” said Sacred Heart University Assistant Professor Sajal Bhatia.

Michele Braun: Cybersecurity – passwords, authentication and authorization

In June 2017, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, which creates widely used standards, updated its “Digital Identity Guidelines,” with special attention to usability.

As cyberthreats grow, so does Norwalk’s Apex Technology Services

“In our experience, many businesses are woefully unprepared for attacks,” said Larry Szebeni, founding partner and COO. “They are hoping for the best.”

Connecticut introduces cybersecurity action plan

Among other things, the plan aims to provide more extensive security in state government agencies, the General Assembly, and the judicial branch.

Cybersecurity leading corporate board directors’ concerns, Stamford firm finds

High-profile data breaches at the likes of Equifax, the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission and Uber have contributed to the growing concern.

Ransomware: Hostage-taking, cyber style

These type of attacks have been traced back to 1989 with the virus known as both the PC Cyborg and AIDS.

Jonathan H. Hill: A workable cybersecurity solution for Westchester

The list of attacks on major consumer sites and major businesses continues to grow unabated. 2018 is not even halfway through and we have already learned of major attacks on the likes of travel search site Orbitz.