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Prescription program aims to lower insulin costs for Connecticut residents

Certain forms of Novo Nordisk insulin will be available at 50% less than the retail cost.

CT Comptroller Lembo says new pharmacy pact will save state $300M

“Connecticut is calling the shots on prescription drug costs and quality,” Kevin Lembo said.

Kennedy Center, CVS pilot state-backed job training program

Backed by a state grant, the nonprofit Kennedy Center Inc. has partnered with CVS Caremark Corp. to pilot a unique job training project that aims to transfer people with disabilities from unemployment to the workplace.

Million-dollar developments to re-tool Armonk

In the half-mile radius comprising downtown Armonk, three separate developments involving 178,000 square feet of new and renovated commercial, retail and residential space and valued at more than $100 million by North Castle Supervisor Howard Arden are either underway or set to begin by the end of 2012.