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$100K fundraising initiative seeks to aid Ridgefield restaurants

The endeavor has a $100,000 goal.

19 Court Aristan Foods closed after failed crowdfunding effort

The restaurant set a $75,000 goal but only raised $1,665.

White Plains restaurant crowdfunds for $75K to stay in business

A struggling restaurant in downtown White Plains has turned to crowdfunding to seek the money needed to keep its operations afloat.

GoFundMe campaign to save the Black Duck Cafe abruptly cancelled

Within two days of its launch, the GoFundMe campaign raised $5,170, with a goal of $100,000.

BIC USA crowdfunds classroom supplies for public school teachers

"With BIC Bucks for Teachers, our presence in the classroom goes beyond our products," said Janel Lewis, director of stationery marketing for BIC USA.

Crowdfunding takes aim at commercial real estate

But investment activity in Westchester and Fairfield Counties is, to date, minimal.

Greyston taps into crowdfunding trend

The Yonkers organization aims to raise funds online for its Greyston Bakery business.

Stamford crowd funding site expands European reach

Officials behind I-Bankers Direct, an investor crowd funding platform, recently announced they would be expanding their reach across seas to attract more European investors.

Investors await new crowdfunding regulations

Investors and financial experts say donation-based crowdfunding represents just the tip of the iceberg.

Resourceful business owners can find financing

While the economy remains uncertain, competition is creating opportunities for business owners to get the capital they need, says Norman G. Grill Jr. of Grill & Partners L.L.C.

From hype to harness

With the SEC still drawing up new fundraising rules, Connecticut capitalists have yet to hitch up to the JOBS Act bandwagon.