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Column: A business owner can’t be too accommodating

Meeting a request doesn’t necessarily mean going “above and beyond.” Do what you can and be honest when you can’t. If you’ve overextended, don’t get mad at the requester, take a good look at your role in going across the line.

Column: Eliminate sacrifice, increase rewards

Rewards, such as convenience, always generate positive emotions. Sacrifice creates negative emotional experiences and always decrease value.

Getting ready for trade shows

To prepare for trade shows, build a list of target shows. Investigate who goes and why. Define goals and decide who to send. Figure out how your company can stand out at each show.

LinkedIn: Shooting themselves in the foot

Even with poor customer support that has turned off many users, LinkedIn still retains its core strength: providing a social platform to meet people, have interesting and often insightful discussions, and to generate business.

Compete where you’re strongest

Getting traffic is job No. 1 in marketing. If the inflow is big enough, with the right prospects you’re half way home to hitting your sales goals.

Keep up with delivery commitments

When making promises, your word is your bond – protect it.

Teaching customers about value buying

Educating your buyer is essential to winning and hanging onto business. There are lots of ways to educate the customer; make sure you take advantage of the many opportunities to do so.

Green Beacon opens new office near Hartford

Green Beacon Solutions, an enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management solutions (CRM) company headquartered in Newton, Mass., opened a new office this week outside of Hartford.

Get more efficient with estimating

Systematize basic sales skills. Create a set of routine questions that every salesperson asks right off the bat in order to get to know what a prospect needs.

Spread too thin?

A common problem in small to medium-size businesses is getting spread too thin. Owners are resourceful and willing to pitch in wherever they’re needed. That’s good in the beginning. Long term, however, it’s counterproductive

What do customers want most?

While you may be thinking the best products or services at the lowest cost, what customers want most is personal reinforcement of their values....

Invigorating your sales team

Recognize that as a sales manager, you are measured on the results of your team – if it’s not working, you’re part of the problem until you’re part of the solution.

Learn from an angry customer

My service manager just passed a letter to me. It came from an irate customer. I think the customer is dead wrong and just blowing off steam. What do you think I should do?