Friday, September 30, 2022
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Contributed writer: Cash management tips for your business

Some cash flow gaps are created intentionally.

Suite Talk: Robert Withers, president and CEO of M1 Capital Corp.

"Credit is not getting looser, it's getting tighter," said Withers.

Credit’s out there for small businesses, experts and owners say

“Anecdotally, I still hear complaints from small businesses that they still have trouble accessing capital,” said CBIA President Joe Brennan.

Ex-investment banker Andrea Sotgiu steers small businesses on way to the...

"Most people start a business, unfortunately, on their own credit cards," said Andrea Sotgiu, CEO of Lavan Financial Group.

Loans become more available

But survey says borrowing declined in 2Q.

Chase lends $20B to small businesses in 2012

Chase Bank extended $20.2 billion in new credit to small businesses in 2012, an 18 percent increase over 2011 for business loans made within the U.S.

Credit conditions modestly improve

Credit availability was at 27.2 points, compared to 25.6 points in the previous quarter, according to a Farming Bank index report.

Businesses, keep an eye on these tax issues

Norm Grill, managing partner of Grill & Partners L.L.C., says there may be some significant tax law changes in 2012 – or not.

NY Fed: Manufacturing weakens further

As manufacturing continues to weaken, the head of the New York Fed summarized what ails the economy.

Conn. debuts green building tax credit

Connecticut is readying to award tax credits for “green” buildings.

CBIA: Credit conditions weakened

Connecticut’s credit conditions weakened in the second quarter, according to a CBIA survey.

Healing from the downturn

More than a year after Wells Fargo converted former Wachovia branches and as banks adjust to life under the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and...

Use credit strategically as the recovery gains strength

Companies seeking to ride the recovery, as uncertain and erratic as it may admittedly seem at times in the short term, must be strategic in their use of credit.