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India’s central bank lifts restrictions on Mastercard

The restrictions were imposed in July 2021.

Chappaqua’s Points Mom offers insight on credit card reward programs

Greenstein stressed that loyalty programs are to be avoided.

Bankers defend fees and fairness

The American Bankers Association and 51 state bankers associations, including the New York Bankers Association and Connecticut Bankers Association, have joined forces to take...

Average level of holiday season debt at $1,249

23% of Americans relied on personal loans for their holiday expenses.

Mastercard unveils cards designed to aid blind and visually impaired consumers

Mastercard's new Touch Card offers an accessible card standard for blind and visually impaired consumers via tactile card features.

MasterCard launches buy-now, pay-later installment service

MasterCard Installments will be accessible for online purchases as well as in-store ones, by adding the feature to a digital wallet payment method.

New vulnerability in Mastercard contactless cards enables bypassing of PIN codes

The defect also impacts Mastercard's Maestro-branded cards.

Mastercard to phase out magnetic stripes on its cards

By 2033, the magnetic stripes will be absent from all Mastercard-issued cards.

Synchrony partners with Walgreens on new credit card programs

The companies are offering a Mastercard and Walgreens-branded card.

Mastercard banned from new card issuances in India

Mastercard accounts for 33% of all card payments in India.

American Bankers Association cites value for businesses in accepting credit cards

The study found that consumers with high subprime to low prime risk scores hold more credit cards than do people in different risk categories.

Synchrony and Gap to shut down credit card partnership

Barclays will pick up Gap's credit card portfolio in May 2022.

Citi joins Mastercard’s True Name program for transgender and nonbinary consumers

Cardholders can use their chosen name on the cards.

The Next Big Thing?: Financial services site Crediverso taps an overlooked...

"The content is really important here," said founder Carlos Hernandez.

Norman G. Grill: Paying off debt the smart way

With today’s economic uncertainty, being debt-free is a worthwhile goal.