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Latimer signs new county budget while at home recovering from Covid

The budget, totaling $2.2 billion, includes a $7 million property tax cut, compared with cuts of $1 million in each of the two previous budgets.

Bipartisan coalition to take control of county board

Democrat Mike Kaplowitz and Republican Jim Maisano will be named chairman and vice chairman, respectively.

County board overrides 1 of 8 budget vetoes

Override restores $574,000 in non-contractual raises for non-union prosecutors in the D.A.'s office.

Lawmakers approve $1.7B budget, keep taxes flat

Budget adds $900,000 to child care program frozen since 2010.

Arts community feels impact of funding cuts

County officials eliminated $285,000 in funding for Westchester’s arts community, and many are upset by the lack of financial support.