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Column: Top social media marketing resolutions for 2016

Social media marketing consultant Robin Colner offers a to-do list for everyone working in the field and those brands, businesses, organizations and professionals that want to improve their social media marketing efforts.

How well do you know content marketing?

An 11-question quiz tests your knowledge of content market, the digital community’s answer to a must-have commodity.

The year of compelling content

Being able to consistently capture the attention of an increasingly sophisticated and discerning online audience is the goal of most digital marketers. While these goals may vary enormously, they almost always involve some aspect of generating attention and driving business toward a website or landing page.

Content marketing on Facebook

When used effectively, content marketing on Facebook can greatly help businesses attract attention and build a following.

Roadmap to success comes with caveats

Social media guru Bruce Newman writes on companies that might omit some potential pitfalls in their marketing pitches.