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Pitney Bowes study finds most consumers prefer home delivery over curbside...

Most consumers wanted curbside pickup for groceries.

Startup Spotlight: New Rockland County retailer celebrates entrepreneurs and consumers with...

Martinez noted he connected with a potential vendor via the Westchester County Business Journal.

IBM survey: Employees, consumers rethink habits in reaction to Covid-19

Changes made by people in the way they work, shop and live during the Covid-19 pandemic may not be abandoned once an effective vaccine...

Consumers demand more digital from retailers, reports says

Management and consulting firm McKinsey & Company has issued a report from its Periscope series dealing with marketing and sales analytics that shows the...

IBM poll: Covid-19’s spread unfurls consumers’ concerns about economy workplace safety

Other issues high on Americans’ worry lists are returning to the workplace along with going to large venues such as malls and utilizing mass transportation

Survey: Consumers support brands that speak out against racism

65% of respondents stated that consumer brands should take a public stand against racism.

Federal Reserve plans $300B in aid for business, governments

The Federal Reserve this morning announced moves to help the U.S. economy that is being ravaged by the COVID-19 outbreak and the proactive steps...

OmniMD finalist in Patient Portal Challenge

OmniMD, a division of Integrated Systems Management Inc., is a finalist in the Patient Portal for New Yorkers Challenge, a design competition held by the New York eHealth Collaborative