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U.S. retail and food sales grow 9.8% in March

Total sales for 2021 up to and including March were up 14.3% from the same period last year, with retail up 26.9% and food sales up 36% from last year.

Study ranks CT second for highest average credit card balance in...

Notably, the new study observed that credit card users in high-income states also "tend to have a greater ability to pay off their credit cards overall."

Personal income, consumer spending rose in February

Personal income increase 1.1 percent in February after a 3.7 percent drop the month prior, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

U.S. consumer behavior reflects debt consciousness

MasterCard has tracked the evolution of consumer behavior since the debt crisis and has identified changes in spending.

Black Friday shoppers weigh using cash versus credit

Despite an increase in numbers from MasterCard regarding credit use over Black Friday weekend, many consumers are trying to remain disciplined this holiday spending season.

Consumer spending drops $20B in October

Experts say the unexpected drop in consumer spending during October is due to lost wages and disruptions from Hurricane Sandy.

Housing market improves, but job market sluggish

People are spending money on homes, but not in other areas.

Consumer spending up in September

Consumer spending surged in September, especially in clothing and electronic stores, according to the National Retail Federation.