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Bankers defend fees and fairness

The American Bankers Association and 51 state bankers associations, including the New York Bankers Association and Connecticut Bankers Association, have joined forces to take...

AG James sues MoneyGram over consumer protection violations

The CFPB has been investigating problems linked to MoneyGram for several years.

Feds warn landlords: ‘We’re watching’

The heads of the Federal Trade Commission and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau  have warned landlords that they are monitoring and ready to take action...

Feds OK Synchrony plan on ‘dual-feature’ credit card

Synchrony did not provide a timeline on when the new card will be introduced.

U.S. agency demands debt-collection records from Crystal Moroney law firm

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau claims that the New City firm does not intend to fully comply with a demand for records.

Wary borrowers avoiding reverse mortgage market

Reverse mortgages have weathered some controversy over the years, ranging from news stories regarding foreclosure cases against seniors who defaulted on the terms of their loans to a wider misperception that lenders automatically seize the property upon the death of the borrower.

Student loan debt: dealing with a massive burden

Local colleges and universities detail different strategies to assist debt-weighted students.

Private student loan defaults balloon to $8 billion

In a report released July 20, the CPFB and Education Department outlined several recommendations aimed at shoring up the private student loan market.

Volcker: Banks becoming “too big to manage”

The chairman and chief executive of the country’s biggest bank sidestepped questions from Congress earlier this week about the events that led to more...