Saturday, October 1, 2022
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Mastercard expands consulting to focus on open banking, crypto and ESG

The new focus shows how ESG can be plumbed for both purpose and profit.

The American Story: Carolina M. Osorio, owner of CP Servicios Latinos

“Our community has become more aware they don't have to stay silent,” she said.

IBM purchases European-focused consultancy Waeg; fourth acquisition this year

The Armonk company has made nine acquisitions over the last 12 months.

PepsiCo debuts marketing push to support Black-owned restaurants

A debut commercial aired on NFL Network Media and NFL.com.

How not to get kidnapped abroad, and what to do if...

Adam Thick's Extreme Kidnapping provides consulting to business professionals traveling to high-risk regions where kidnapping is commonplace.

Suite Talk: Filson Thomas, president of Archegos Consulting

"No company ever grows that doesn’t have a good employee development program," said Thomas.

Life coach Tom Scally takes clients on a ‘bridge’ to a...

"You have to be open to new terminologies, new concepts and a new way of looking at things," said Scally.

Fairfield’s eRichards Consulting handles IT recruitment with a holistic touch

Gebbia noted that some women IT professionals seek out salaries that are 10 to 15 percent lower than their male counterparts' asking price.

Ash Creek Enterprises seeks to smoke out cybersecurity threats

When the IT consultancy first opened 20 years ago, mainframes and dumb terminals were considered cutting-edge.

Heather Carey removes the mystery from healthy cooking

"Without planning, we are going to create a lot of confusion and overwhelm healthy eating," said Heather Carey.

Patrick Jones’ Binge-Free Dad takes a personal approach to eating disorders

Stamford-based personal trainer Patrick Jones created the consultancy Binge-Free Dad to help adults address the root causes of their eating disorders.

Business coach encourages a new sense of professional accountability

Wirth's No Quit Living Podcast recorded its 100th episode and has, to date, enjoyed more than 115,000 total downloads, averaging between 1,000 to 2,500 downloads per episode.

Consulting firms hired to evaluate Connecticut’s rail future

Funding for this project comes from an initial allocation of $3 million by the State Bond Commission from Governor Dannel P. Malloy’s “Let’s Go CT” ramp-up program.

Foreign filing failure may result in large IRS penalty

Are you subject to IRS penalties of $10,000 or more – and don’t even know it?

Ex-Navy SEAL Carl Higbie prepares politicians and companies for their close-ups

Greenwich-based Carl Higbie is at home on both sides of the camera.