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Connecticut low-wage workers experienced post-recession stagnation

Further complicating matters were the wage disparities based on race and gender, according to a new report.

Low-wage jobs on the rise in Connecticut

The Connecticut Voices for Children report states that the median white worker makes $10.08 and $8.98 per hour more than their black and Latino counterparts, respectively.

Report: Low-wage jobs up, high-wage jobs down in Connecticut

Since 2001, the share of industries in Connecticut that typically pay low wages has increased by 20 percent, while high-wage industry employment has decreased...

Conn. Advocacy Group: Use $7.2 billion in tax expenditures for deficit

The group recommends public hearings on how to best use the money.

Youth employment plummets

Youth unemployment rate triples since 2000.

State’s fiscal woes put pressure on nonprofits

As state spending on education and human services continues to decrease, policy experts say nonprofits are going to need to gear up to fill the increased demand for human services.

Report: State’s wealth gap expanded drastically

As signs pointed toward at least a partial solution to the oncoming “fiscal cliff,” financial experts cautioned that even with a grand bargain, U.S. economic growth over the early months of 2013 would likely continue to be in the 1 to 2 percent range.