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‘Highway user fee’ goes into effect for tractor-trailers in 2023

“The extra cost to trucking companies will ultimately be passed on to families with increased prices on food, home heating oil and more," warned Senate Republican Leader Kevin Kelly (R-Stratford).

Connecticut moves individual income tax deadline to May 17

The move puts the state and federal governments in sync.

CT launches system designed to simplify tax-filing process

According to Connecticut’s Chief Operating Officer Josh Geballe, the goal of the initiative “is to ensure businesses, consumers, and residents spend less time talking to us and trying to figure out what they need to do, and more time with their families, building their business, and enjoying our state.”

COVID-19 LATEST: Talks of reopening economy heat up as Fairfield County...

The governor said that, according to Office of Policy and Management Secretary Melissa McCaw, the state has withstood about $450 million in coronavirus-related expenses. "Connecticut right now is doing better than a lot of other states," Lamont said, noting the strength of its rainy day fund.

CT Department of Revenue Services updates policy on grocery tax

The DRS now says that the new 7.35% sales tax rate on prepared foods, due to go into effect Oct. 1, should be applied only to items already subjected to the sales tax, such as prepared foods served as part of a supermarket catering service.

Lamont: Not so fast on added surcharge for prepared foods

Gov. Ned Lamont said his administration is working with Revenue Services to eliminate some of the items included in the tax.

CT Democrats, GOP want redo on controversial grocery tax

The affected items range from ice pops, doughnuts and bagels to pizza slices, beer, fruit juices, and coffee and tea if already prepared for drinking.

Groups in 14 county municipalities approved for Neighborhood Assistance Act grants

The program is structured so that businesses that make charitable contributions to a qualified program are eligible to receive a credit, valued at 60% to 100% of the amount contributed, on their state corporate income tax.

Scott Jackson new commissioner of revenue services as Malloy shuffles cabinet

Jackson's deputy commissioner, Kurt Westby, is being upped to Connecticut Department of Labor commissioner as a result.

CT’s tax-free week will cost state $4.1 million in lost revenue

The 17th annual tax-free week runs Aug. 20-26.

Illegal tobacco wholesale ring busted in Bridgeport

The Connecticut Department of Revenue Services announced the arrest of 10 people and the seizure of more than $50,000 in cash and $234,000 in contraband tobacco.

Connecticut tax preparers warned against phishing scams

Tax season scams involves phony emails and text messages seeking deposit account data and Social Security numbers.

Businesses can receive 60 percent tax credit when contributing to local...

The Child Guidance Center of Southern Connecticut provides immediate mental health services to high-risk children.

Hospitality business flat, but glimmers of hope are lurking

Business in Westchester and Fairfield is climbing back to pre-recession levels.