Sunday, November 27, 2022
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Connecticut added 4,400 jobs in September

The state has a 4% unemployment rate.

Connecticut added 6,500 jobs in July

Connecticut gained 6,500 jobs in July, a 0.4% uptick to 1.65 million, as the state's unemployment rate fell to 3.7%, according to data released...

Connecticut adds 1,700 jobs as unemployment rate dips to 4%

There was no uptick in job creation in Fairfield County during June.

Connecticut upgrades platform for unemployment benefits

Work began on the platform in 2016.

Connecticut added 1,600 jobs in May

Private sector employment expanded by 2,900 jobs.

Connecticut added 1,600 jobs in April

The Greater Danbury area was higher by 300 jobs.

Connecticut added 4,600 jobs in March

The Greater Danbury area saw 100 new jobs created last month.

Connecticut added 6,300 jobs in February

The state's unemployment rate is now 4.9%.

Connecticut lost 700 jobs in January

During January, private sector employment declined by 1,700 jobs.

Connecticut added 600 jobs in December

The Greater Danbury area added 300 jobs.

Connecticut gained 5,600 jobs in November

The private sector increased employment by 4,400 jobs.

State issues stop-work orders at 7 Monroe nail salons

One of the salons has reopened for business.

Connecticut gained 5,300 jobs in October

Private sector employment increased by 5,900 jobs.

CT first state to offer Google Career Certificates to increase education,...

The program equips people with skills for in-demand jobs within three to six months – with no degree or experience required – at a time when employers in information technology-related sectors have reported a skills gap in the U.S. workforce.

Connecticut gained 4,700 jobs in September

Connecticut has now recovered 70.4% of the jobs lost in the early Covid lockdown period.