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CT on track for robust recovery? UConn professor says think again

Covid-forced shutdowns and political differences at the federal level remain the great unknowns.

Gold in them thar buds? CT lawmakers looking at legalizing marijuana...

According to a new study, Connecticut could reap $35-$48 million in direct new revenue during the first year of legalized marijuana sales, which would escalate to $188-$223 million in the fifth year.

Aggressive bonding could double job growth

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, University of Connecticut, Connecticut Center for Economic Analysis, Peter Gunther, Secretary of State Benjamin Barnes, Fred Carstensen

Economists predict more slow growth

In a no surprises review, economists at the University of Connecticut predict the state’s economy will continue to recover at a sluggish pace.

Report: Promises need to be broken

A new report says Gov. Dannel P. Malloy should be commended for his efforts to address the state’s fiscal outlook and economic development policies, but that his work hasn’t gone far enough