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Lamont’s education plan includes more funds from municipalities, district consolidations

“With all due respect to the new governor and state legislature, this kind of a structural shift has implications that will extend far beyond the best intentions of present leadership," says Newtown First Selectman Dan Rosenthal.

Lamont’s budget: No income tax increase, but tolls and expansion of...

Lamont’s budget has two tolling scenarios – truck-only and cars and trucks. The governor estimates that out-of-state drivers could provide over 40 percent of the state’s tolling revenue.

Gov. Ned Lamont announces plan to shrink state’s borrowing by 39...

Lamont has announced some of the legislative proposals he will include in his first state budget, as well as a proposal to shrink the state’s borrowing by 39 percent, the equivalent of hundreds of millions of dollars annually.

CT Gov. Ned Lamont: ‘Fix this damn budget, once and for...

"No more funny math or budgetary gamesmanship,” the new governor told the legislature. “Don’t tell me some consultant says there are $1 billion in easy spending cuts -- show me the money or I will show you the door.”

Malloy offers Lamont ‘transition budget’ that could mean no tax increase

Gov.-elect Ned Lamont is inheriting an estimated budget deficit of $1.73 billion for fiscal 2020.

Lembo: CT could end FY 2019 (slightly) in the black

“It is still very early in the fiscal year and so the state should only rely cautiously on these positive early indicators,” Comptroller Kevin Lembo wrote.

Bus and train fare increases, service reductions canceled

Reductions in service that had been scheduled to take effect on July 1 have been canceled. The state will still "need to find new, long-term funding sources to replace dwindling gas tax revenues," Gov. Dannel Malloy said. "This should not be seen as optional – it’s critical to Connecticut’s future.”

Gov. Malloy signs budget – but isn’t happy about it

Leaving the budget reserve fund at $1.16 billion by the end of Fiscal Year 2019 “is significantly below what is needed to meet the challenges of the next recession, which, by many measures, is overdue," the governor said.

Legislature orders more study of fiscal stability commission’s recommendations

"The legislature once again focused on short-term budget fixes rather than on long-term structural reform," said Commission on Fiscal Stability and Economic Growth co-chairs Robert Patricelli and Jim Smith.

$20.86 billion bipartisan state budget passes; governor expected to sign

The new budget gives municipalities $70.5 million more in fiscal year 2018-19 than they received this year. The bipartisan budget will now go to Gov. Dannel Malloy, who is expected to sign it.

Malloy, Fasano engage in war of words over Republicans’ new budget...

Gov. Malloy said that the state GOP is "all out of ideas," while the Senate Republican President Pro Tempore said the governor "is quick to criticize without even understanding what our budget does."

CT finds $1.3 billion in additional revenue

The figure includes nearly $1.3 billion in unanticipated income tax receipts.

Lawmakers go into overtime again on state budget

For the current fiscal year, which ends June 30, the state faces a budget deficit of about $200 million.

Gov. Dannel Malloy offers tax hikes and more municipal cuts in...

"Gov. Malloy’s leadership only brings fiscal disaster," said Senate Republican President Pro Tempore Len Fasano.

Economic outlook positive for U.S., not so much for CT

Gioia made his remarks at a Jan. 17 Norwalk Chamber of Commerce, which also featured State Sen. Bob Duff and State Rep. Themis Klarides repeatedly butting heads.