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Judge overturns Purdue Pharma bankruptcy settlement

Connecticut Attorney General Tong called it a "seismic victory for justice."

New task force aims at online sales of stolen goods

Connecticut loses $170 million annually in sales taxes from these crimes.

AG Tong co-leads coalition seeking passage of Bankruptcy Venue Reform Act

“Forum shopping undermines the integrity of our bankruptcy system and needs to end,” Tong said, calling on Congress to pass the Bankruptcy Venue Reform Act of 2021.

AG Tong warns against unregulated cannabis edibles in misleading packaging

"Many of these products fall far outside the range of what will ever be safe or authorized for sale," the attorney general said.

AG Tong files notice to block Purdue Pharma bankruptcy settlement

“The Sacklers are not bankrupt,” Tong said.

AG Tong seeks info from M&T, People’s United on mitigating job...

Among other issues, the attorney general is seeking information on the merged bank's Community Reinvestment Act responsibilities.

AG Tong files formal objection to Purdue Pharma bankruptcy plan

"This plan is a far cry from justice," said Tong.

AG Tong rejects Purdue Pharma settlement plan

"We are evaluating all options to continue to fight this bankruptcy plan," Tong said.

NY, CT attorneys general sue Google over antitrust violations

William Tong said the lawsuit seeks "free and fair access to the digital marketplace."

AG Tong raises concern on Optimum plan to slash internet speeds

Tong called Optimum's proposal an "ill-timed, anti-consumer plan."

CT relocates Carlson Place residents while securing new facility owner

Westport Rehabilitation Complex agreed to accept all 26 residents.

AG Tong calls for companies to disclose climate change-based financial risks

Tong is focused on level of greenhouse gas emissions by companies.

CT and NY attorneys general seek to keep CDC’s pandemic-era eviction...

The attorneys general argued the pandemic has yet to subside.

CT and NY attorneys general ask Facebook to cancel Instagram Kids

Tong and James cited multiple threats to child welfare.

Expanded facility and new carrier arriving at Tweed Airport

Budget startup Avelo Airlines will be coming to Tweed this summer.