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CBO: Short recession likely

The Congressional Budget Office says a recession is likely in the first half of 2013 unless the government enacts changes.

Not a women’s issue – an economic issue

The head of the Women’s Business Development Center argues for more federal funding.

Taxmagedd-on with it already

Taxmageddon? It will get taken care of. IRS complexity? Doubtful.

Going … going … gone at the end of 2012?

An attorney warns that estate tax rules could be significantly altered at the end of this year.

Obama’s budget spells bad news for the county

Obama’s budget proposals target the wealthiest residents in Fairfield County and elsewhere.

Congress passes bipartisan payroll tax cut bill

Congress voted Feb. 17 to extend the payroll tax cut and jobless benefits for the long-term unemployed through the end of 2012.

Leave jobs creation to business, says congresswoman

Congresswoman Nan Hayworth addressed the Business Council of Westchester on House Republicans’ plans to shrink federal government and cut federal spending.