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Payback time? Thinking through raises and reviews

When considering pay raises, first figure out where your industry is going, where your work force stands and what your company needs to get through the next three to five years.

Garrison man directs organists’ guild

Garrison’s James Thomashower is executive director of the American Guild of Organists in Manhattan, the “largest organization devoted to a single musical instrument.”

Building up your bottom line

Find out what your customer needs, then deliver it. Don't worry about how much you can make on the sale.

Many ways to help solve state’s fiscal crisis

After years of postponing solutions and patching budget gaps with borrowing and one-time funding sources, policymakers have to finally address Connecticut’s huge fiscal problems.

Skillful confrontation can increase productivity

How do Hudson Valley organizations resolve missed deadlines, unkept commitments, unmet expectations, and rude or disrespectful behavior?

Goal setting – key to a good year

Setting performance goals is an essential part of the planning process for any business – to know if you’re biting off too little, too much or just right.

Tax Relief Act extends breaks for businesses, individuals

The Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization and Job Creation Act of 2010, signed into law Dec. 17, 2010, extends and expands a wide variety of valuable tax breaks.

LEED goes nowhere

Builders face conflicting trends – continue to pile up vacant properties and empty office buildings, or rethink the building mania that has been the guiding principle for decades and only build sustainable structures?

Getting an edge on competitive advantage

Developing a competitive advantage can lead to greater profits, barriers to entry for potential competitors, longer lasting high-quality clients, increased sales effectiveness and hiring advantage.

Getting patients on with their lives

“You don’t have to live with it,” vestibular therapist Maureen Brann says about vertigo.

Young Leaders builds life skills

Where will the future business and community leaders of Fairfield County come from?

Will Connecticut join in the recovery?

Economist Mark Zandi’s forecast underscores the need for Connecticut’s government leaders to put job creation and economic growth at the top of their agenda.

This year is about finding the right client

Finding the right client, not just any client.

Think through finding a new market

Stuck constantly trying to find a new market.

Outlook: Glacially slow growth

Since the Great Depression, the growth has been and will continue to be glacially slow.