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Elizabeth Hiza: Mindfulness and those New Year’s resolutions

February is month two of resolutions, and it can be a trial as the hard work sets in.

Top 10 mistakes when selling or buying multifamily property

Buyers and sellers of multifamily properties have varied interests and motivations. Buyers often fall into one of two categories: one who buys and holds properties...

Insuring patient safety: a ‘workplace of accountability’

The reality of being human, however, is that we all make mistakes. It is not a matter of how smart or how caring we are. It is a matter of simply being human.

The new administration must help small business

Donald Trump’s selection of Linda McMahon as the head of the Small Business Administration is good news for entrepreneurs.

Column: Six keys for a successful succession plan

Succession planning is the process of establishing a framework for the continuation and ownership of a business enterprise.   The business may be large,...

Column: Business funding: an alternative

The main ongoing problem facing the majority of business owners today is the perennial one of how to make the company’s cash flow stretch...

Column: Manage your cash flow so your business stays afloat

Cash flow is short, cash is tight. Makes it hard to plan the next three to four months. We’ve been making money, so I...

Column: Your digital assets are begging for attention

So much is done online -- banking, work, shopping, gaming, socializing. If something happens to you, what happens to all that information and all those assets? Plan for that now.

Column: Commercial availability ‘stubbornly high’

Leasing velocity is fairly steady if unspectacular.

Column: The aging brain: Navigating the gray zone

Some mental decline is natural; some is not.

Column: A look at small-business funding

Running a small business requires a lot of time and money.

Column: Annuities and the retirement portfolio

The popular tools have no limits on annual contributions.

The importance of social media analytics

The data provided by today’s analytics companies will now allow almost every business to develop effective social media campaigns and quickly determine their effectiveness.

When things are quiet, focus

When sales are down, figure out where to focus before it rebounds by working your way through this checklist of questions.