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Schools in NY to remain closed for balance of school year;...

Schools in New York state will remain closed for the balance of the current school year, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo announced today. Cuomo said...

CT not likely to follow NY with free public college tuition...

Connecticut business and political leaders discuss the pros and cons of the state doing as New York did this month and offering free tuition for eligible students at public colleges and universities.

Touro College takes over New York Medical College

The Archdiocese of New York has given its controlling interest of  New York Medical College to Touro College in a $60 million deal.

Brother Liguori Interview

In an “Online” interview, Brother Liguori talked about the college, the library as a technology and information resource center, his tenure and plans for retirement.

Brian Nickerson: Rethinking college

As dean of Iona College, Brian Nickerson has a new idea for the college experience.


College at New Paltz to cut $6.3 million.



An old basketball, please.

Newburgh hits the books



A new Orange County Community College campus in Newburgh is soon to become one of the city’s busiest waterfront attractions.

Breaking a few eggs

Monroe College culinary student Monifa Brown hopes to capitalize on hospital food’s bad reputation.

Template for a sound idea

Shirley Noel was so personally impressed with the nonprofit she came to know in high school that she started one of her own.

Mentors, students make PACT at Mercy

The bureaucracy – and long lines – often associated with higher education in terms of academic advising, student affairs and career services will be eliminated for 500 incoming first-time, full-time students at Mercy College in Dobbs Ferry this fall.

Stephan Seeger

Stephan E. Seeger’s established Stamford law presence does nothing to negate his Canadian past.

Bus loop seen as boon to students, merchants

A bus loop sounds almost quaint in these high-tech times, but advocates of bus travel say that it is the way of the future in Ulster County, benefiting business owners and the environment, not to mention students on the SUNY New Paltz campus.

Katrina phoenix

On August 29, 2005, thousands of lives changed forever when Hurricane Katrina careened into the Gulf Coast, inundating 80 percent of New Orleans.

Brick house

The brick makers are gone now, but the village once known as “Bricktown” and “Brick Capital of the World” is steadily reinventing itself to meet the challenges of the new millennium without the 40-plus brickyards that were once its backbone.