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Kate Wark: Not all dollars hold the same value

Having a great partnership with clients, and alignment overall, will always feel more successful than a big-ticket client that doesn’t meet your company’s needs or share your values.

Accountants report new tax law changes have hurt many filers

“Other than the real estate clients, I would say almost across the board most other clients, most other industries, professions, etcetera, have all been hurt by this new tax law,” Mark Hausner, principal in the accounting firm Peretz, Resnick, Mitgang & Marcus LLP, told the Business Journal.

Andi Gray: Finding the right clients

Make it clear what kinds and quantities of business your company wants to acquire over the upcoming two to three years. And then work with each salesperson to build a portfolio of prospects that matches those goals.

Growing enough, but not too much

Too much business can be as deadly as too little.

Staying ahead of the competition as a freelancer

As an independent contractor or freelancer, you must handle your own sources of marketing. It is your responsibility to make the contacts and accumulate the work that will enable you to grow your business.