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New York state seeking $2B from opioid industry

The Department of Financial Services wants the money to make its way into the pockets of businesses and individuals, perhaps in the form of health insurance premium discounts.

Federal judge declines to dismiss Cigna’s fraud claim against Carmel doctors

A federal judge has denied a request to dismiss Cigna Health and Life Insurance Co.’s claim that two doctors in Carmel overbilled the company for $915,070 for unnecessary tests.

Connecticut’s total health insurance enrollment down in 2016

Anthem had Connecticut’s largest market share both in HMO enrollments and Indemnity enrollments by company.

Amidst OxyContin lawsuits, Purdue Pharma unveils trial for wearable tech for...

The news comes as Cigna announces it will no longer cover OxyContin as a preferred option on its commercial drug lists.

Business leaders approve Malloy plan for insurance industry tax cut

Proposal drops the insurance premium tax rate from 1.75 percent to 1.5 percent.

Malloy: First Five Plus has created nearly 3,800 jobs

The jobs program's participating companies have invested nearly $1.3 billion in new infrastructure and human capital.

United Healthcare’s exit from Conn. insurance exchange could lead to Obamacare...

While the move may not adversely affect many residents, it could be the first step to a major rethink of the Affordable Care Act.

Cigna partners with UConn for research

The University of Connecticut and Cigna recently announced a new partnership to fund graduate-level research on how people make their health decisions.

Providers, insurers debate ACOs

Under the Affordable Care Act, providers that form federally approved accountable care organizations (ACOs) would be eligible to share in cost savings realized by the government through the limiting of redundant, overlapping or unnecessary treatments for Medicare or Medicaid patients.

Do the math

With the Next Five incentive program moving full steam ahead, is it time for Connecticut to re-examine its investment strategy?

Health care reps: ACA doesn’t go far enough in reigning in...

Industry representatives from across Connecticut indicated in conversations with the Business Journal that President Obama’s crowning achievement does not nearly go far enough in reigning in the cost of health care, with several suggesting the issue would require further legislative changes.

Cigna announces 4 percent global staff reduction

Bloomfield-based Cigna is cutting approximately 1,300 employees, including 200 in Connecticut, as part of a global “realignment and efficiency plan” detailed during the company’s third quarter earnings release conference call.

Cigna signs with Startup America

Cigna Corp. reached a deal to provide health insurance and mentoring for the some 10,400 companies in the Startup America Partnership.

Insurance carrier enrollment drops 11 percent

In a possible indictment of federal health reform in Connecticut, private insurance carriers covered 320,000 fewer people in 2011 – an 11 percent drop.

Cato Institute: F for Malloy

The Cato Institute flunked Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s tax and spending record in a new report.