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Transmission Developers Inc. has new route, outreach for hydropower line

In Rockland County, TDI spokeswoman Jennifer Laird-White, a former mayor of Nyack, said the company decided to reroute to meet community concerns.

Roberts Report: It’s time to re-engineer government regulation for growth

In November, Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner announced on Facebook that the town had just installed solar panels on the roof of town hall,...

Champlain Hudson draws scrutiny as it takes step to approval

Industry skeptics question the proposed electricity-transmission line that would run from Canada to New York City.

Canada-to-NYC power line receives environmental approval

The Department of Energy approves a 330-mile-long line that will bring hydro and wind energy from the Canadian border to Queens – and through the Hudson Valley.

State senators seek to block 1,000 Mw transmission line

A group of state senators is attempting to block a proposed 1,000-megawatt transmission line that would stretch from Quebec to New York City.