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CT hospitals losing up to $400 million a month during COVID-19...

The state's hospitals have spent between $75 million and $100 million to date for supplies, equipment, training and increasing patient capacity, the Connecticut Hospital Association said.

CT hospitals report $28.9 billion impact on state’s economy

“Our hospitals are vital economic anchors, providing the stability and growth that contributes greatly to the financial health of the state and the communities they serve,” said CHA CEO Jennifer Jackson.

State settles lawsuit with Connecticut Hospital Association

Under the terms of the deal, which must be approved by the General Assembly, hospitals will have a more stable and predictable user fee schedule, with a reduction in the user fee (or "hospital tax") from $900 million to $820 million by FY 2026.

Lamont, state hospitals getting closer to settling hospital tax lawsuit

“We have been in discussions with the state, with a mutual goal of resolving this matter so the legislature could take it up by the end of this month,” according to a statement by the Connecticut Hospital Association.

Report: CT hospitals, health systems pump $27.7B into state’s economy

According to the 2019 Economic Impact Report by the Connecticut Hospital Association, the care providers collectively spent $7.6 billion on employee payroll, $5.4 billion on goods and services, and $840 million on capital projects.

Partnership aims to improve care for mothers and infants

Great strides forward for mothers, newborns and medical practitioners are expected.