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‘CEO Evolution’ event trains eye on creating and sustaining business culture

The June 14 event included insights from etouches and IBM executives.

Data tech executives share business stories at CEO Evolution

The fourth annual CEO Evolution seminar is being held June 14 at the University of Connecticut School of Business in Stamford.

Third annual CEO Evolution panel features top-tier executives

The third annual CEO Evolution event will feature insights into the secrets of success from three CEOs from high-level national and global companies.

Taking the long position

As CEO, your primary function is that of a leader. Your management team and employees will look for messages being sent by their CEO, and those messages will affect their behavior and how they conduct business for you.

Seizing the opportunity

As operating and structural improvements are made within an organization, that firm (and its CEO) will begin to see more options and opportunities, Mark Fagan writes.

Preserving the golden goose

Citrin Cooperman’s Mark Fagan writes on the importance of having a strong supporting cast and on employment and compensation issues CEOs may face.

CEO Evolution: Embracing a culture of accountability

In order for a CEO’s strategy to be most effective, obtaining buy-in from your management group is critical. Why? Because you need your management team to be an extension of you, Mark Fagan writes.

CEO Evolution: Driving the point home

In order to realize and maximize returns and internal efficiencies, CEOs and other top executives must be actively engaged in the strategic planning process – a process that starts with key business drivers, writes Mark Fagan.

The CEO Evolution: Time for change

By working with the management team to create a culture of accountability and by emphasizing key business drivers in decision-making, CEOs will begin to see greater efficiencies across the board, Mark Fagan writes.