Monday, September 26, 2022
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Stamford’s Centerplate acquired by French firm for $675 million

Centerplate is the fourth-largest operator by revenues in the United States Sports & Leisure market.

Centerplate names Verros CEO following Hague’s departure

Des Hague resigned as CEO following public outcry over a video of him kicking and pulling a dog in the elevator of a Vancouver hotel.

Centerplate CEO Hague resigns after dog abuse video

The video that surfaced in August showing Des Hague kicking a dog in a Vancouver hotel has cost him his job as the head of Stamford-based Centerplate.

Centerplate puts CEO on probation over dog abuse video

The company orders Des Hague to pay $100,000 to the Sade Foundation, a charity to be established in honor of Sade, the Doberman pinscher that Hague mistreated.

Olympus wins WNA

Olympus Partners acquired the upscale, disposable tableware maker WNA.

Putting the chichi in stadium chow

Even as CEO Des Hague concocts a leveraged buyout of Centerplate, his chefs are leveraging creativity to the hilt in the Stamford giant’s kitchens.

Centerplate preps LBO

Backed by Olympus Partners, Centerplate CEO Des Hague is organizing a management-led buyout of the concessions giant.

Fairfield County business news briefs.

North Carolina picks TPI Stamford-based TPI has been awarded a contract by the state of North Carolina to advise it on transforming its use of...

Menus (and midriffs) widening

Caterers large and small see the Super Bowl as an excuse to experiment with new offerings.