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Some set of wheels

Mercedes, Porsche and Audi call Penske Automotive home

Chevy back in gear

A longtime Chevrolet dealership in New Rochelle that had been closed for several years is open once again under the Chevy banner. New Rochelle Chevrolet...

Al Lucchino

Al Lucchino and his younger brother, Carl, love motorcycles so much that they decided to give up lucrative careers in Manhattan – Al was a bank vice president in charge of leveraged buyouts; Carl was a lawyer – and go into business selling the bikes, building a small Harley-Davidson franchise into one of the largest in the Northeast in just a dozen years with more than $14 million in annual sales

Train crowd takes the wheel

Starting next spring, Metro-North customers can rent a car from 23 train stations.

Rent-a-cars and trains hitch up

Starting next spring, Metro-North customers can rent a car from 23 train stations.

Alliance in trans-Atlantic limo deal

A Stamford limousine company has formed an international joint venture to provide service on both sides of the pond.

Biker building maxes out every gallon

Whether your ride of choice is a Harley, BMW, Honda or Kawasaki, anyone who enjoys motorcycling appreciates the added bonus of an enviro-friendly ride and the joy of whistling past the gas pumps.

Winning ways

Rob Dyson can be considered a gentleman racer, not specifically an attribute of his or his racing team’s performance on the track, but rather in the same vein as a gentleman farmer.

Out-of-this-world dealer

Todd Ingersoll is one of those guys you would buy a used car from – if you could find him on the car lot that is.

Calming influence

The city of New Rochelle announced the selection of two projects for its new Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program last week.

Buzz Kanter

When Buzz Kanter was in high school, his parents bought him and his brothers a Honda minibike.

The Zen of Cargo

Combining market-savvy entrepreneurship with a social mission in the “green” movement in America, an Irvington couple plans to turn their startup company in White Plains into a nationally franchised retail brand for persons on the go.

Nat Mundy

Nat Mundy has always been enthusiastic about speed, challenge and adventure.

Arnaldo Sehwerert

There’s nothing like heading for the back roads for clearing your head and getting away from the pressures of the workday world.

Get your motor runnin’

David Lenkowsky strides past six motorcycles standing sentry duty in his Mr. Sign shop on Tuckahoe Road in Yonkers.