Sunday, December 4, 2022
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The growing need for navigation in cancer

When my father was diagnosed with cancer he couldn’t remember the name of the doctor who gave him the diagnosis. All he could recall was that he had an inoperable plum-shaped tumor wrapped around his aorta. Fearing the worst, it is nearly impossible to retain the details a doctor or caregiver shares.

Urgent care centers and virtual visits help avoid unnecessary trips to...

According to the CDC, visits to hospital emergency rooms in the U.S. reached about 137 million in 2015. Nationwide, 9% of patients who visit emergency rooms are admitted to the hospital, which suggests that many patients seek care for maladies that can be treated elsewhere.

PepsiCo workers packing 1M meals for Westchester and Latin America’s hungry

PepsiCo's nutrition operation, Food for Good, will pack 2,000 weekend backpack bundles full of 10,000 meals for families in Westchester this month in partnership with Feeding Westchester.