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White Plains warned about looming $1.7M default on City Center garage...

Ratings agencies and capital markets “will penalize the city if it is seen as not taking seriously the looming payment default on the City Center bonds,” Steven J. Berkowitz, president and CEO of ACA Financial Guaranty Corp., states in a letter to Mayor Thomas Roach.

UPDATE: Bank of Scotland drops demand for $17.4M from developer Louis...

Cappelli said that he did not receive a default notice and that he suspects that remote working and decreased staffing as a result of the Covid-19 crisis explain why.

Louis Cappelli off the hook for $1M court judgment

White Plains Plaza Realty Inc. “failed to prove by clear and convincing evidence that Mr. Cappelli or Cappelli Enterprises actually intended to hinder, delay or defraud any creditors.”

Conservationists and condo association battle over access to Indian site in...

Friends of Wickers Creek want a court order to allow “public access to wild, undeveloped and archaeologically significant lands” owned by the condo association.

Mediterraneo opens in longtime vacant White Plains property

After years of sitting vacant at the corner of Renaissance Square and Main Street in White Plains, an architecturally unique building developed by Louis Cappelli of Cappelli Enterprises finally has its first tenant.

Harbor Square opens in Ossining after 18 years in the works

Developer Martin Ginsburg and Ginsburg Development Cos. on June 23 unveiled a $65 million mixed-use luxury rental apartment complex on the Ossining waterfront, a...

The battle over the sales office

The Yorktown Town Board is discussing what to do with the sales office at the Trump Park Residence off of Barger Street, an $80 million 141-unit active adult community, a partnership between Cappelli Enterprises Inc. and Donald Trump.

Million-dollar home sales soar in Fairfield County

While the Trump Parc Stamford has not enjoyed the success predicted by developers prior to the recession, numerous indicators suggest the environment for luxury home sales in Fairfield County improved significantly from 2011 to 2012.