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Ulster committee floats contractor licensing law

Contractors doing more than $1500 in business would need a license.

Parking in Stamford remains a question mark

Transportation planning in Stamford has been focusing on the future of the parking garage portion of the Stamford Train Station as the number of RBS employees commuting to the city increases.

Faux painting finds more and more walls

Stephen D’Louhy, owner of Flöe Painting, has taken his late father’s painting business into the world of faux painting.

New color for collars: green

A new program sponsored by Yonkers-based Greyston Foundation trains people for green-collared jobs

How’s Business?

A.G. Williams Painting Company in Pelham is being creative to stay ahead of the curve in the uncertain economic climate.

Hunting for homes

Ulster County business offers new modular “hunting cabins” that could conceivably become a retirement home.

A new stone age

Bronxville business owner Matthew Johnson transforms cement slabs into cut stone, but there’s no magic wand involved – concrete polish does the trick.

Once engines of growth, homes lose luster

It turns out that new homes can pay for themselves and add some jobs and tax revenue to the areas where they are built.

Senior housing remains strong

Senior citizen housing may seem like a minor concern during economic times like these, but with the baby boomers aging, a growing need for places elder folk can live will increasingly become a priority for society.

Stair Masters

Most companies are finding that in order to stay afloat these days, they’ve got to change their mindsets and start thinking as creatively as possible. It’s no different for the makers of staircases.